The world is supporting you. Even though Japanese people have been used to Earthquakes and Tsunami’s in the past, they were unprepared for the incredible damage that occurred this time around. It is truly a tragic event. Despite these unfortunate past weeks, don’t give up and hang in there!

-Katherine Beniger


Join our hands together! May the victims all hang in there! Japan shall once again revive!

-David Cass

ぼくはおちかずあきです。14さいです。I am studying Japanese for 3 weeks now and find it a very interesting language to learn. I am 3rd generation Japanese American and still have family in Japan. Thankfully they are safe, but I am very sorry to hear what has happened in the past few weeks and hope for the very best for your country. I wish to go back to Japan and help someday. People in America care very much for your wellbeing. I have been asked multiple times at school, “how is your family?” and the people here care about you. Wish you for the best! がんばって!

-Kellen Ochi


I just started learning Japanese. I am half Japanese myself so when I heard of what had happened with the earthquake and tsunami, I felt terrible. I didn’t know what to do, or how to be of any help. I was talking to my dad and he said to me that no matter how difficult life gets or how sad it is today, you just need to keep believing in hope and know that there are people our there who are going to help you. So no matter what happens know that we all send our hope and feel terrible about what happened. がんばって!

-Lauren Nakamura

I am studying Japanese because it is great to know more than one language now-a-days. It’s a difficult language to learn but is so cool to know. 日本ごをべんきょうしています。ぜんぜんえいごとちがうことばをべんきょうしたいです。おもしろいです。
ひさいしゃのみなさんへWhen I first heard of the terrible earthquake and tsunami I felt so bad! So many people were in trouble and hurt, but there was nothing I could do. Then the news about the nuclear power plant having a meltdown came, I first thought “why Japan?” Everyone over there is so kind and good hearted, why does this have to happen to them? But then I started to think everyone in Japan could overcome this terrible disaster better than most countries. I feel bad for everyone who lost their lives in the disaster and hope all will be fixed soon! がんばってください!

-Samantha Schroff


To our Japanese Friends, we express our condolences.
To those who have survived, we continue to pray for your safety.
Please do not lose hope.

-LeeAnn Wong


I’m Rick. I like Japanese music. I am studying Japanese to understand lyrics and read websites. I
have been to Japan 3 times. When I was in Japan, everybody I met was very kind. On television I watched the news about the earthquake and tsunami. It was very scary. It made me feel sad. Many people do not have a home now. Someday everybody will have a home again. I hope that day is soon. I support you. Good luck.



-Richard M. Dolphus



My name is Charles. I was born in Dallas, Texas. 6 years ago, I moved to California. I have studied Japanese for 5 years. Recently, I heard of the news regarding the earthquake in Japan. My friend and his girlfriend live in Chiba. Even in Chiba it was quite terrifying, so I can’t imagine how much more tragic it must be for everyone else. It must be a difficult for them. However, please hang in there. I am cheering for you!

-Charles Sanders


The world has become unified. Everybody has to help each other and do our best.

-Jill Rosenburg

The Japanese people should be extremely proud of the progress they’ve made in one year. Japan is a great example to the world of how to handle tragedy. I send my love and condolences to the families of those lost and injured. The world continues to support and cheer on Japan!


One year after, Japan still recovering from the Tsunami.
Please continue to do your best.
The world continues to pray for Japan.


Stay strong! We will never forget the victims.


Everyone, Good luck! Please have hope.
The earthquake and Tsunami are horrible tragedies.
But remember you have friends in U.S.


Japan has survived a hard time.
Japan is rebuilding its towns.
You ca do it. Please do your best.


Hope you will recover soon!
Don’t give up and don’t look back.
Look towards a better future of life.
I hope you do well.



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