Junior Class

at the Language Experts in NEWPORT BEACH, CA

If you prefer a classroom environment rather than a one on one lesson, the Junior Class is available for middle school or high school students interested in learning Japanese. Some high schools are fortunate to offer Japanese courses however most in Southern California only have Spanish, French, or German. That is where we come in! Within our Junior class, we offer to prepare students for Japanese SAT and AP tests as according to the College Board standards. We also provide services preparing students for the JLPT tests. We try to make learning a second language as much fun as possible while maintaining an educational experience. With a class of only 8 or less, it is easy for everyone to play an active role in each class and receive full attention from the instructor. Here at Language Experts students can create a friendship with their teacher and classmates sure to last even outside of class.

For further information please call: (949) 433-8780