Kid Class

at the Language Experts in NEWPORT BEACH, CA

In this class kids learn Japanese while having fun. Children enjoy themselves through games, projects, songs, and other learning activities. While most classes use the traditional approach based on memorization, this class teaches Japanese as a communication tool with fun activities. Although it is important to study when learning a second language, it is equally just as important to have fun with it!
The age of around the age of 11 is known as the “critical period” during which a child is more likely to develop fluency of a second language. Although there are adults that learn a second language past this period, studies show they do not reach the level of fluency a child who began studying during this time does. We take a Total Physical Response (TPR) method towards teaching children a second language commands are connected to physical cues. Though, old fashioned TPR is an effective way to connect a different language to universal actions. Classes are an hour and half in length and generally meet once a week for 8 weeks.

For further information please call: (949) 424-9714