I have been studying Japanese with The Language Experts for almost 4 years.  The instruction that I get here is great.  What I like the most about studying with The Language Experts is that Makino Sensei really pushes her students to achieve their goals, whatever they may be, in studying Japanese.  I really love that every class is fun and challenging, with learining tools, videos, and listening excercises, not just reading a repeating from a textbook.  Sensei also puts together interactions with native speakers every few months which creates a great opportunity to practice what you have learned in a realistic setting.  With Makino Sensei’s help I passed level four of the Japanese Language Priofeciency Test and I will be taking level three later this year.  I highly recommend The Language Experts to anyone from beginner to advanced levels of japanese study.  They are the best.


Makino-sensei tailors classes to the students’ interests and abilities.  She uses a variety of teaching materials including standard textbooks (such as “Genki” and “Japanese for Busy People”), articles from Japanese newspapers and websites, and her own handouts.  She also works with students to prepare for the Japanese Language and Proficiency Test (JLPT) in December.  Students who make time to study Japanese each week are able to advance quickly with her guidance.

Katherine Beniger

I’ve been learning Japanese with Makino-sensei for about four years now, and still look forward to every class!   Thanks to her hard work
and amazing ability as a teacher I was able to visit Japan twice and pass the JLPT N4 last December. You can tell she genuinely cares about
all her students and wants them to do well. Her teaching methods are extremely effective and never boring. Makino-sensei truly makes learning Japanese an interesting and enjoyable experience.